Charleston mayoral candidates race to raise money before November election

Some candidates have contributed to their own campaign coffers

Charleston mayoral candidates race to raise money before November election

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Just four months from now, people in Charleston will be voting for mayor. It's not cheap to run for office and candidates are busy raising money to get their message out to voters.

A break down shows who has raised the most funds so far, and how much of their own money some candidates have contributed to their campaigns.

By far, Mayor John Tecklenburg has raked in the most dollars for the Charleston mayoral race set for November 5. He’s facing five opponents who want to take his spot, and they are all competing for campaign dollars.

Tecklenburg has raised $712,151.60. Of that amount, $7,426.91 was in-kind donations, and the mayor has not donated or loaned any money to his campaign. With that amount deducted, that brings his actual cash contributions to $704,724.69.

The next big dollar amount belongs to Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings. His total contributions are $503,594.67. Of that amount, he has contributed $29,404.79 of his own cash, and loaned himself $255,000. He received an additional $2000 in in-kind donations. With those amounts subtracted, Seekings has received $217,184.88 in actual cash contributions.

Charleston City Councilman Gary White is the only other candidate in the six figure category. His total contributions add up $113,755.00. In March, he made a loan to himself of $40,000. With that amount deducted, his actual cash contributions total $73,755.

Maurice Washington, a former Charleston city councilman, has received no in-kind donations or loans to his campaign. His total cash contributions are $8690.

Of Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin's $5,750, $200 is in-kind donations, bringing his total cash contributions to $5,550.00.

And of the $936.97 candidate Will Freeman has collected, he donated about $101.97 of his own money. With that amount deducted, his total cash contributions from others come to $835.

This information was provided by the South Carolina State Ethics Commission.

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