Community leaders come together for peace at Liberty Hill Stop the Violence cookout

VIDEO: Community Holds stop the violence event


Neighbors in North Charleston say they’re tired of violence in their city.

Brandon Fields organized a Stop the Violence rally, reaching out to law enforcement leaders and city councilmembers to fight crime with a bit of fun and change the narrative in their neighborhood.

“We’ve got to come together, point blank, period,” Fields said. “Understand the message about stop the violence. There’s a lot of negativity about Liberty Hill and so we’re trying to bring positivity to the community.”

So far this year, there have been 14 murders in North Charleston this year, that’s up from ten this time last summer.

North Charleston Councilmember Samuel Hart went to the event on Saturday.

“We need to do something about stopping the violence,” Hart said. “Our young people are leaving here in body bags.”

Like Fields, the North Charleston chief of police, Reggie Burgess, is also a Liberty Hill native. He says officers can’t quit reaching out to kids and that they have a duty beyond their badge to make a difference.

“Be about the people’s business. Law enforcement, We know how to go out and write tickets,” Burgess said. “We know how to go out and make arrests when it’s needed. But do we know how to be a part of our community. This is what it’s all about.”

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