Lowcountry residents flock to Beaufort Water Festival

Lowcountry residents flock to Beaufort Water Festival

BEAUFORT, SC. (WTOC) - The crowd in Beaufort celebrated the second day of the annual water festival with a variety of activities.

People have been able to enjoy raft races. arts and crafts, tournaments and more as they enjoy a number of events and activities over the next few days. The first festival was held back in 1956, so it has a long standing and growing tradition for decades, giving members of the Beaufort community something to look forward to.

People who set up their businesses here say this is a festival they enjoy because they get to sell their product and enjoy the festivities.

“I’m retired and I got bored and I started doing this and I enjoy travelling and I enjoy meeting people and cutting up with them," said David Austin, a vendor at the event. "I have a good time.”

Organizers also say they are already looking forward to next year.

“Realistically, it’s the planning so we were expecting more people this year more than other years,” said Rob Averill with the Beaufort County Water Fest. “It’s always finding that headlining act and really that’s the growth. It’s trying to get these bands before they get big and we want national acts so just in the planning. It gets better each year.”

WTOC is broadcasting the Beaufort Water Festival Parade this Saturday, July 20 at 10 a.m.

Our Mike Cihla will be hosting the parade on-air and online.

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