CCSD working on goals to ensure students graduate on target

CCSD working on goals to ensure students graduate on target

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County School District officials learned more about new goals on Monday that aim to ensure students are graduating career ready.

That plan is called the CCSD Readiness Pathway and it would chart the reading and math levels that would be needed for students to be on track for success.

A variety of tests and national percentiles would be used to measure grade-level readiness and academic growth.

This would be different than what the district is already doing to track student growth.

CCSD board member Cindy Coats voiced her reservations with a new goal set.

“Why do we have to wait another whole year again after the profile of the South Carolina graduate came out years ago?" Coats said."Why are we waiting another year for something else we are going to create?"

District officials said they wouldn’t have the data ready from the 18-19 school year for another few months.

Coats issued her concern with starting another school year without knowing how students did the previous year, and now setting new goals based off of different information.

The idea of creating goals for the district to track was introduced with the mission critical actions, but Coats said these goals are totally separate from that.

The proposed “Readiness Pathway” is part of district set board goals that would focus on performance, growth and readiness. They would be three year goals and the targets would be set in fall 2019.

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