Dozens of CCSD teacher positions still need to be filled with only a few weeks left in break

Dozens of CCSD teacher positions still need to be filled with only a few weeks left in break

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Local school districts are working to get enough teachers hired before the start of the school year.

With only a few weeks left to fill the spots, teachers worry about the implications that could arise if all the positions aren’t filled.

The education group “SC for ED” has worked to inform teachers about the number of vacancies across the state by making a spreadsheet documenting the vacancy numbers listed on district and hiring websites.

That list compilation has the Charleston County School District as having the most vacancies in the state, at 137.

“I think anytime you look at a districts website, when you look at what vacancies are there, it’s updated, but it’s not updated. Because it’s a constant process. It’s constantly in motion,” said Andy Pruitt, the CCSD Director of Communications and Technology.

Pruitt said the district’s current vacancy number is 77, but said last week that number was 100.

According to SC for ED’s work, CCSD still has some of the most vacancies in the state and the highest number of vacancies in the Lowcountry.

“A lot of it has to do with size,” Pruitt said. “Just the simple fact, we have approximately 3500 classroom positions when it comes to teachers. So that’s just kind of the norm.”

Pruitt said if the vacancies aren’t filled, they will have to get creative in how the they make sure the proper supports are in place for the students.

“We have Kelly services, so we work with them to fill that position, whether it be a long-term sub, maybe it's repositioning, you know, students and combining classes,” Pruitt said. “The goal is to provide that specific educator for that specific class.”

Pruitt said the district sent people across the country to recruit teachers and expanded the advertising budget in an effort to ramp up recruiting efforts. The district also added an additional 16 positions this year.

Pruitt said when new data comes out in September, the district will be able to determine if the extra money poured into recruitment worked.

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