CCSD school board members asked to ‘stand down’ in letter from board chair

CCSD school board members asked to ‘stand down’ in letter from board chair

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School Board Chairman sent a letter to school board members this week asking them to avoid making statements and holding unofficial meetings so that the board can work together toward a common goal.

The Rev. Eric Mack asked board members in the letter to think beyond their personal opinions and ask themselves if their decisions and actions are good for students and the district’s overall well being.

“Rogue statements and unofficial community meetings, not hosted by the district, are counterproductive to what we’re trying to accomplish,” Mack wrote to board members. “I am asking you to stand united with your fellow board members who are all working toward the same common goal – which is to provide an equitable education for our children.”

Board member Kevin Hollinshead held several community meetings and fellow board member Todd Garrett previously got community push back for his comments made about Burke High School.

The letter does not mention any board member by name.

“I ask you to choose your words carefully when conducting business outside of your official role as a board member and that your actions and messages serve to unify us as a board and not to divide,” Mack said in the letter.

The letter asks board members to focus on the task at hand, to approve three goals relating to performance, growth, and readiness by next month.

“We can get more done if we work together. It is clear to me that our goals are the same, but our messages, as of late, are not,” Mack wrote.

This isn’t the first time the board has been pushed to work together. Last year, a nationwide accreditation company analyzed the district and said the school board governance needs improvement.

The board often has back and forth disagreements during meetings.

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