Mosquito Beach nomination to historic register approved, faces final vote from feds

Mosquito Beach nomination to historic register approved, faces final vote from feds

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCSC) - The Mosquito Beach Historic District is only one step away from being added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The State Board of Review approved a nomination for the beach to be added to the register. The unanimous votes prompted cheers from people who had assembled to fight for the site.

Mosquito Beach is a small road off of Sol Legare Road on James Island recognized for its place in history. In the Jim Crow Era of the 1950s, it was one of only five safe havens for blacks who weren’t allowed to visit beaches like Folly or Sullivan’s Island to enjoy the waterfront.

“It was almost to say, this is our place that we can go to,” Sandra Stoval, who lives near Mosquito Beach, said. "That we can come to as families as friends, and enjoy each other.”

At the height of its popularity, Mosquito Beach was a place for African-Americans across Charleston to dance, eat and celebrate their culture.

Now, it’s the only one of that five that is still accessible, and that is why folks who were born and raised there have been fighting to preserve it.

Bill “Cubby” Wilder, who grew up near the beach, hopes they’ll be able to restore this place to what it once was.

“So it’s our job to enhance the place even more and make it even more colorful," he said. "And bring back some of things that draw people down there. It was good dancing, good eating, good food, and collaboration of people socializing together.”

The final hurdle for Mosquito Beach’s addition to the National Register of Historic Places is receiving approval from the Department of Interior. That is expected to happen within a couple of weeks.

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