‘You have to be ready:’ Columbia business offers active shooter simulation training in the event of an active shooter

Updated: Aug. 4, 2019 at 4:57 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - In the wake of two mass shootings taking place in less than fifteen hours, people across the nation are wondering how they can stay safe in the event of an active shooter.

Precision Tactics, a firearm, and safety defense training company in Columbia helps people to be physically and mentally prepared in the event of an active shooting.

They offer an active shooting simulation that allows people to feel the adrenaline of what it would be like if a real attack occurred.

The training not only mimics a real-life active shooting scenario, but experts also go over how to respond in specific locations and what approach to take if you’re ever in one.

“You’ve got to preserve your life as much as possible,” Zack Christie, Owner of Precision Tactics said.

Regardless of the location, Christie says preserving life is the mindset.

“If you’re home by yourself, you have the opportunity to grab your phone, grab your firearm if you have it or some kind of defensive weapon and then back up into your room, lock that door and hold in place until law enforcement gets there once you make that call,” Christie said.

Depending on where shooting may take place, Christie says the approach and mindset are different.

“So for example, yesterday in El Paso, ok what would I do if an active shooter walks into the Walmart? Your first step is going to be to run. You have to get as much distance between you and the shooter as much as you can,” Christie said. “Your next step is going to be hey look, where are the exits at? Where do I exit this building? Hopefully, you already know that because it’s a familiar store. But if you can’t get out of the front exits, you must proceed to the rear of the store to find a place to hide or find a rear exit.”

Christie says if you can’t find an exit or a place to hide, the next step is to fight.

“If you’re ultimately cornered with this person and there’s nowhere to go and you have the opportunity you must take every chance you get to fight,” Christie said.

The ‘fight’ is what part of what precision tactics teach.

The training takes trainees through a high-intensity active shooter scenario projected on a large screen.

“Our goal is to raise your anxiety, raise your stress, so that if you ever need to defend yourself or someone or your family or your friends or even out in public, you’re able to do that more efficiently and effectively,” Christie said. “It brings in the realism of the event and the sense of I’ve actually seen something similar to what I might face so I’m more prepared for it."

Christie said they want to train people how to protect those they love most and decrease the loss of life in the event of an attack.

“It’s not saying that everything is foolproof and that nobody is going to die, nobody is going to get shot. No. This is a proactive step to reducing the amount of response time,” Christie said. “Everybody has seen the world we now live in you have to be ready for these situations. Whether you’re at the mall, grocery store, movie theater because all these areas have been hit so what that lets us know is they will be hit.”

The training is to encourage people to feel confidence instead of fear, so if they ever find themselves in a shooting, they’re not going to freeze and will know how to respond.

The company believes in training anyone with a firearm to be safe and responsible in a high-intensity situation.

Training services may also make you eligible for discounts on insurance.

On Saturday, August 10th Trinity Baptist Church is holding a Church Security conference at 2003 Charleston Hwy Cayce, SC 29033 from 10 a.m to 4 p.m.

Precision Tactics will be there hosting one of their seminars at the conference. If you’d like to register for the event, click here.

Otherwise, if you or an organization is interested in Precision Tactics training, the office is located on 1407 Elmwood Ave. Columbia, SC. Call 803-206-1081 to schedule a meeting.

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