CCSD looking to fill nutrition service positions before start of school year

CCSD looking to fill nutrition service positions before start of school year

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District is working to fill its nutrition services positions with just days left until kids are back in the lunch line.

“We’re getting there staffing, recruitment, staffing and retention is as you know, a challenge throughout the low country, the economy is chugging along so well,” CCSD Nutrition Services Officer Angela McLaughlin.

McLaughlin said they hope to be 100 percent staffed before the start of the year, but said like the school bus driver positions, they are hard to fill.

Once the positions are filled, the district has new plans to switch up the menu and offer healthier and allergy-free options.

“On our menu year we will offer gluten free grain options, as well as milk alternatives such as soy, that are lactose free as well,” CCSD Dietician Kerrie Hollifield said.

Hollifield is also working on meals with clean labels and that are made from scratch. As well as local grown fruits and vegetables.

For the students who had lunch debt last year, that slate has been wiped clean, but it comes at a cost.

"We had About $107,000 for the end of last school year. I think it's better than it has been previously,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said that money came directly out of the budget, but they have stepped up to try and get the money back.

“I think we do a number of things to try and make parents aware if there is a debt building up,” McLaughlin said.

She said there are federally funded programs in place to help students receive free and reduced breakfast and lunch, but for the children not on that last, they have added new ways to make parents aware of their child’s lunch debt.

If you are interested in working for CCSD Nutrition Services, you can find information here.

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