Parent Survival Guide: Saving some green on school supplies and clothing

Parent Survival Guide: Back to School Savings

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - If you didn’t take advantage of the tax free weekend that’s okay, there’s still some ways to save some green.

There are some simple shopping tips that will start your kids off on the right foot at school and help out your wallet, too.

Nancy Vega and her son Louis are trying to tackle his school supply and clothing list by planning and shopping early.

Vega says in the past she has shopped last minute for her kids supplies but with four children she has learned a thing or two.

“If you just make a mad dash at the last minute you can easily spend upwards of 60 to 100 dollars for one child," says Vega.

In addition to spending more last minute, she says the supplies your child really needs on their supply list might be out of stock.

Financial coach Debbie Kidd says budgeting and planning early for back to school is important.

It prevents impulse buys and unnecessary items.

Kidd says the majority of your school supplies can also come from area back to school bashes.

“Try to hit as many as many as you can. They will give you all the school supplies you need and for free, and it’s a wonderful event for you and your family,” says Kidd.

You can also find the majority of your supplies at the Dollar Store.

Kidd says items like basic calculators, pens, pencils, and paper can be found, and by using your manufacturer coupons you could score a freebie.

When it comes to clothes, Kidd says shop the clearance racks and also try thrift stores. In some cases, you can find great clothes with tags still on them.

She also says pull out some of the clothes your kids already have that still look great and fit.

“Just because it’s back to school does not mean we throw away all the clothes and buy new ones but certainly the first day of school buy something special for them,” says Kidd. “Why pay full price for clothing when you can get the same for 75 percent off."

Kidd says you can sign up for text or email coupons to save on school clothes and supplies anywhere from 10 to 25 percent.

Another tip is that most stores offer price matching especially when it comes to supplies.

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