Authorities: Charleston County man dies after inmate on inmate fight at Columbia prison

Authorities: Charleston County man dies after inmate on inmate fight at Columbia prison

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Corrections is investigating after a prisoner from Charleston County died after what they’re calling an inmate on inmate fight.

Authorities say 43-year-old Damon Doyle died from an incident that happened at Broad River Correctional Facility in Columbia on Monday.

He was admitted to state custody in 2002. His family may be taking legal action.

“My brother deserves better," brother, said Gerald Doyle, Damon’s brother.“Just because someone commits a crime and goes to prison doesn’t mean they deserve to die, and it seems like that’s what every prison inmate is faced with recently, a death sentence.”

Reports say Damon was taken to a nearby hospital.

The attorney for the family, Mark Peper, says the family was told very limited information about what happened.

“Regardless to whether the fact that this was a private citizen, or one that was housed at the Department of Corrections, it’s still a brother. It’s still a son. It’s still a father, and they simply want to mourn. It’s tough to move on when you still don’t know what happened, why it happened, who was responsible for it,” Peper said.

Peper says the amount of deaths and violence that is happening at state prisons are alarming.

“Not only have I been alarmed but I’m extremely concerned because it seems to be a trend that is rapidly rising, and I’m more concerned about the fact that unless the state does something about it in an affirmative way that we are going to continue to see not only deaths but injuries occur inside the prison system,” Peper said.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections Police Services and the State Law Enforcement Division are investigating this incident.

“Their position all along has been that they are simply understaffed. That’s great that we now recognize the problem,” Peper said. “To me and a lot of others that’s an easy fix. The solution is you pass the budget that includes the amount of money required to hire additional correctional officers, properly train them so that they may properly supervise these inmates.”

State officials say Damon Doyle was serving life sentences for crimes in Charleston County including assault and battery with intent to kill and kidnapping.

He was not eligible for parole.

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