Charleston residents, city leaders hold vigil to honor man killed and vow change

VIDEO: Hanover Street shooting vigil

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Candles and prayers filled Hanover street downtown Sunday night. It’s a far cry from the sirens and lights covering the area just three days ago after 41-year-old Timothy Haman Jr. was shot right outside of his home.

Dozens of community members came out for a vigil in honor of Haman.

Latonya Gamble, east-side neighborhood association president, said she wants his death to spark change in ending violent crime in their neighborhood.

“We’re tired of the violence, senseless violence,” Gamble said. “We need to come together as a neighborhood and find positive solutions so that this won’t happen to any resident in the east-side again.”

On Thursday evening, a security camera filmed what appeared to be an argument outside Hamon’s home. The gunman eventually shot at Haman then left the scene on a bicycle.

This marks the sixth homicide in the city of Charleston this year.

“We’re not just going to take this anymore,” Michael Seekings, Charleston district eight councilmember, said. “Why is someone at seven o’clock at night, on a bike, with a gun, shooting people on our streets. That’s unacceptable. We need to do better.”

Graham Calabria, Haman’s friend and former coworker said he was a fantastic person and neighbor who always had his door open for other people. He leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter.

“He always had something on the stove if you were hungry,” Calabria said. “When I came to Charleston, they said this was the pineapple city of hospitality, and he definitely embodied that.”

In response to the shooting, there will be a public meeting to discuss gun violence and safety in Charleston on Tuesday at 6 pm on Trident Technical College’s Palmer Campus off Columbus street.

“We are going to do everything we can to make Charleston a better, safer place that we never see anything like this on Hanover street, or any other street in the city, or the region or the country,” Seekings said. “That has to be our goal.”

Police say they are still investigating the shooting, anyone with information is urged to reach out to the Charleston Police Department.

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