Williamsburg County School district to have four-day work week for most teachers

Williamsburg County School district to have four-day work week for most teachers

WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A 4-day work week is the new reality for most teachers in Williamsburg County.

The State Department of Education says it’s the only district in the state testing this model.

It's been reviewed and approved by the department.

Williamsburg County School District Superintendent Dr. Rose Wilder says this is a pilot program where elementary and middle school teachers will work four days a week.

The school district is hoping that a shorter work week for teachers will help recruit effective teachers, improve attendance and keep them in the district. They’re also hoping that it will boost morale.

Dr. Wilder was appointed by the state the lead the district.

District officials say there are 10 teacher vacancies. Wilder says that's the lowest it's been in years for this time of year. She also added that most teachers had already been hired before the pilot program was approved in June.

Each teacher’s additional off day will vary during the week, but they are expected to have the same off days each week.

As for the students, they will attend school five days a week.

The superintendent says when a teacher is out, another teacher or staff member who works in the school will step in to continue the curriculum and lesson plans. Some parents are wary of the impacts on students and the lack of consistency.

Wilder says she wants parents to know the quality of education will not go down and they are working to improve education for students.

The district has a difficult time recruiting teachers to the rural area and keeping them.

Dr. Wilder anticipates that with the change, relationships will become strong between students and teachers.

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