Thieves steal GPS units from boats at storage facility

VIDEO: Thieves steal GPS units from boats at storage facility

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Dorchester County deputies say someone broke into a storage facility and stole several thousand dollars worth of GPS units from boats.

The theft was discovered Thursday at Beech Hill Storage on Beech Hill Road. Investigators say GPS units were taken from at least five boats.

Ryan Beckman was one of the victims. Beckman found out about the break in from his neighborhood Facebook page.

“Got on there and it’s like hey, if you got a boat at Beech Hill Storage you may want to check it out,” Beckman said Friday. “Sure enough, pull up, cover’s opened up. It’s not how we left it, yeah we probably got hit.”

Deputies say Beckman and four other boat owners got hit.

The GPS units that were stolen were worth anywhere from $1,200 to $2,800 each.

“It’s a violation more than anything. Your stuffs gone, you work hard for it and somebody just comes along and says well I don’t really care. This is an opportunity for me to prey on you and I’m gonna do it,” Beckman said.

The big question is, how did the thief or thieves get into the storage facility? Customers have to punch in a code to get through the gate.

The owner said he hasn’t been able to review the security footage yet from the latest break in. We learned there were several prior break ins at the facility last year.

According to one of the incident reports from August of last year, the burglars used bolt cutters to cut the chain that operates the automatic gate.

Beckman says in the end, what he lost is just stuff.

“We have our lives. We have a lot of upside that at the end of the day you can replace a GPS, you can replace things but it’s kind of a blessing this is what it is, nothing worse,” Beckman said.

Anyone with information on the break ins should call the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office at 843-843-0350.

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