Parent Survival Guide: Relieving back to school stress and anxiety

VIDEO: Parent Survival Guide: Relieving back to school stress and anxiety

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Starting a school for the first time or just simply having a new classroom with different teachers and people can be both an exciting and scary time for a student.

“All those worries about getting to class. Are there going to be people there to help me? I don’t know the teachers or the students in my class. Am I going to sit at lunch by myself?” says Charleston County School District Counseling Coordinator Elah Hudson.

Hudson says these very concerns are real but also normal.

Parents can ease that stress by listening and addressing your child’s concerns. Also by talking to the school and getting answers.

“All your teachers are there to help you and there will be a friendly face the first week especially if your student has questions, call the school so your student will have answers to questions before school starts," says Hudson."She suggests if your child has anxiety, shift the focus to a more positive topic like learning new things and making new friends.

Also if you can, it’s a good idea to go up to the school and let your child meet their teacher before the new school year.

“It really helped on the first day where those students already knew their teachers and where the classrooms were really made it smooth for those 6th graders,” says Hudson.

Hudson says another thing that can help with jitters is eating breakfast and get plenty of sleep. Also, find out the communication style for your students teachers and the best way to contact them.

Another thing that’s important is making good use of online tools like Parent Portal.

“As soon as you can get into the parent portal where you can see the grades, you can see every time teachers update grades or missed work that’s important in middle and high school,” says Hudson.

Hudson says if parents show excitement for the new school year your child is sure to pick up on it with with a more positive attitude and outlook.

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