Man arrested outside preschool: ‘It’s not like I’m gonna shoot a bunch of kids’

VIDEO: Man arrested outside preschool: ‘It’s not like I’m gonna shoot a bunch of kids’

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - A Mount Pleasant man was arrested and charged Wednesday because of what he allegedly said outside of a preschool in Mount Pleasant.

Michael Gorlitsky, 31, has been charged with disturbing schools. A judge set bond at $500,000 Thursday afternoon, according to jail records. Mt. Pleasant police officials also said Gorlitsky is required to be on an electronic monitoring system.

At approximately 4 p.m. on Wednesday, officers responded to the area of Carolina Park Academy for a suspicious person call.

An incident report states Gorlitsky was approached by an employee who asked if he could help him. Gorlitsky told the employee, “Nope, just a tourist passing through,” to which the man informed him that the school was on private property, the report states.

The employee told police Gorlitsky then responded, “It’s not like I’m gonna shoot a bunch of kids" and then said, "I just might.”

The man told police that when asked about what he had said, Gorlitsky became “irate and uncooperative,” the report states.

Gorlitsky was then taken into custody where he has been lodged at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

An arrest affidavit released on Thursday afternoon states Gorlitsky entered the school campus and loitered around the premises. In addition, court records state that the suspect admitted to not having any business being around the school.

The school serves children 12 months through five years old.

Owner Gary Lawson released a statement Thursday afternoon:

On Wednesday, August 21st, we had a situation at our school where an unidentified male had appeared on school property. This was picked up immediately on our school cameras by our front desk receptionist and we responded by having management staff exit the building to confront the individual and see what he was doing here and to make sure he understood he was was trespassing on private property. This individual made a threatening comment which prompted an immediate call to 911. Fortunately for us, we are located in a high-profile educational area with many schools which have a high police presence and they responded immediately and swiftly and arrested the individual within minutes.

We at Carolina Park Academy take the safety of our children and staff as our number one priority. We instituted safety and security measures prior to our opening on August 5th to ensure we are equipped to handle situations such as this. Our newly-installed high definition cameras are monitored by our staff all day every day when school is in session. We have implemented a higher level of security at all doors so that no individual can gain access to our building without being let in by someone inside the building. Once in our lobby, no one can proceed any further without us unlocking access to each hallway.

This is obviously a disturbing incident and unfortunately is a reflection of the world we live in today. We could not be prouder of our staff and how they responded to this threat. Our safety measures were on full display yesterday and worked exactly as planned for. Our parents were informed of this occurrence shortly after the individual was apprehended. Special thanks to the Mount Pleasant Police Department and their swift response.

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