County seeking public’s input on Hwy. 41 plans

VIDEO: County seeking public’s input on Hwy. 41 plans

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston County wants to hear from the public about proposed changes for Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant amid concerns from leaders who call the plans unacceptable.

Those leaders say they are worried about how drivers and nearby neighborhoods will be impacted.

The plans will impact three different areas: Brickyard Parkway and Hamlin Road; Winnowing Way and Porches Bluff; and new connections to Highway 41.

Some people who live in Brickyard Plantation are concerned about the proposed roundabouts that will be installed after the left-hand turn from highway 17 is eliminated.

“They are looking to take away our access to our amenity center," Brickyard Plantation resident Paul Reneghan said. "I mean how fair is that we have to leave our neighborhood, go across to Hamlin and then come back into here? A lot of neighbors use golf carts, so we’d have to transit 17 in a golf cart.”

Aside from what may seem like inconveniences others are worried the plan creates new safety issues.

“I’m concerned about how we get fire trucks and EMS units back to the Brickyard," Charleston County Council Chairman Elliott Summery said. "There’s no other entrance or exit into the Brickyard neighborhood other than 17. And that road was not built to handle city street traffic. It’s a residential street.”

Summey lives in Brickyard Plantation but also sees these changes from the perspective of being chairman of Charleston County Council.

“Sometimes you have to spend a little more money to get things right," he said. "I understand these engineers are trying to save money, save time saving without having to buy right of way, but unfortunately Mount Pleasant has grown the way it has and we are going to have to make some tough decisions on infrastructure and this will be one of them.”

The proposed plan for the entrance to Highway 41 from Highway 17 comes with its own set of challenges.

Those going north on Highway 41 will turn at a triple left and continue north on a one-way road through another signal and then onto Highway 41.

“Taking young drivers and putting them in a situation with a very confusing set of intersections and making decisions on a 10-lane road seems dangerous to me,” Summey said.

Charleston County wants to hear from you about these proposed changes. Click here to see details about the project and provide your feedback.

Highway 41 is a key corridor connecting the traveling public along US 17 in Charleston County to communities in Mount Pleasant and to I-526.

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