Trump “Masterpiece” gets retouched by critics. They’re doing their own masterpieces.

‘I believe it will be considered a “Masterpiece."’

(CNN) – Painter Jon McNaughton has made a name for himself with his Trump fan art.

You might remember his painting of Trump crossing the swamp mimicking George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Now, McNaughton is out with something new.

"The title is going to be ‘The Masterpiece," the painter said.

The impressionistic piece shows the president at an easel, pulling back the curtain on a painting.

The artwork has become popular internet fodder with more than a few folks doing a little retouching.

The painting’s reveal been reinterpreted as everything from a Filet-O-Fish sandwich to the president’s tax returns to a map of Greenland.

It’s not exactly what McNaughton had in mind.

The artist wanted us to consider the big picture.

“How will history remember this Presidency?” the artist said on Instagram. “I believe it will be considered a ‘Masterpiece.’"

The retouchers of his artwork think history will remember Trump’s presidency for something different - its caged immigrants and white supremacists with tiki torches.

Or for his relationships with a bare-chested Vladimir Putin trump or for spending time with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a hot tub.

The undoctored "Masterpiece" is available for up to $399 on McNaughton website.

One thing we know, Trump fans love it and Trump critics love to deface it.

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