Neighbors turn to license plate reading cameras to help fight crime

VIDEO: Neighbors turn to license plate reading cameras to help fight crime

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - People living in one North Charleston neighborhood have turned to license plate reading cameras to try and help fight crime.

“We’ve had a lot of crime here,” Red Oak subdivision resident Joe White said. “It seemed like every week or every other week. There was actually a couple of times where we had people try to break in to homes. Luckily the residents were there to deter them but yeah it was pretty bad before we decided to get this security system.”

White said he himself has had issues with criminals. He woke up one morning to his windows smashed out of his truck.

“I bet you we’ve had about 30 or 40 incidents over the past few years,” White said.

So the neighborhood decided to put in two Flock Safety cameras, which cost $2,000 each for the year.

“Ever since we put the camera system in before summer, we’ve just had one incident,” White said.

White added the cameras have not only deterred criminals, but they’ve helped provide information to the police.

“We had an incident about three or four weeks ago where there was an incident with one of the neighbors up the street and we gave the police footage of certain times,” White explained. “They were dead on with the times. And we could see it was the first time in the neighborhood for both cars.”

White said it’s not just vehicles the cameras pick up, they can also detect people, bicyclists, even cats and dogs.

White added with the way the system is linked up, if a car drives by the cameras that police are looking for or is registered as stolen, that information will immediately be sent to police.

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