Company claims DD2 owes $11M for middle school construction contract

Company claims DD2 owes $11M for middle school construction contract

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - In a lawsuit filed Aug. 15, a construction company claims Dorchester County District Two owes more than $11 million in unpaid construction costs for Rollings Middle School.

McKnight Construction claims it agreed to a schedule of progress payments as part of its construction contract with the district to build the school.

According to the lawsuit, the contract called for the work to begin in early 2016 and finishing in February 2018.

The company claims the district mismanaged the construction of the school by asking for the middle school to be completed before an auditorium which in turn changed the costs, schedules and sequence of work surrounding the project.

The lawsuit also states the district didn’t cooperate or provide enough necessary information to complete the school and didn’t approve work requests as necessary. The company also claims construction changes went unapproved and the project wasn’t properly funded.

The district then hired a third-party consultant in early 2018 at which point progress payments to McKnight stopped, which was a breach of contract according to the suit.

According to the lawsuit, the district also," raised raised issues that were either non-issues, manufactured issues and/or issues that were resolved in prior contracts between McKnight and D2 in order to falsely decrease or avoid D2’s proper and lawful obligation to pay."

McKnight is seeking $5 million in damages and $6 million for job loss. It also wants 12 percent interest on the completion of the construction.

McKnight is suing for breach of contract

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