Georgetown County preparing for Dorian with sandbags

VIDEO: Georgetown County preparing for Dorian with sandbags

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCSC) - Georgetown County is in preparation mode for Hurricane Dorian.

Georgetown Mayor Brendon M. Barber said crews have been working to clear drains to lessen the impacts if the storms hits.

Along Front Street, many businesses have closed and business owners boarded up their buildings and lined their doors with sandbags. This area near the waterfront floods during high tide.

But some businesses remained open Tuesday.

County Officials are asking people who have so far not listened to the evacuation orders for Zone A in Georgetown County to take it seriously.

“Me and my family, we are getting ready to get out of here," resident Quana Frasier said. "We’re headed more inland we’re heading to Florence to get away from the storm.”

“Even if the best case scenario happens, we’re still expecting anywhere from six to 10 inches of rain, we’re still expecting 6 feet of storm surge,” Georgetown County spokesman Randy Akers said.

County officials say residents should make sure their stormwater ponds are hurricane-ready by making cleaning out pipes, ditches and other areas. They say just one community stormwater pond with blockage has the potential to flood an entire neighborhood.

“We were involved in the South Carolina flood in 2015," Frasier said. "So I’m kind of worried about the water and that’s why we are leaving out. Water came into the house, we lost three cars, so that’s one of the reasons we aren’t taking any chances.”

Georgetown County opened an emergency shelter at Pleasant Hill Elementary School. There are shuttles available for people who need transportation. Georgetown County will continue its shuttle service on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those in need of transportation to an emergency shelter. The shuttle will not provide any pickup service after that time. Stops are located at :

  • Food Lion in Murrells Inlet, 760 Mink Ave. (Hwy. 707 and Hwy. 17)
  • Waccamaw Middle School, 247 Wildcat Way, Pawleys Island
  • Waccamaw Elementary School, 1364 Waverly Rd., Pawleys Island
  • St. Mary’s AME Church, 8833 Ocean Hwy., Pawleys Island
  • Tractor Supply Co., 1295 N. Fraser St., Georgetown
  • St. Cyprian’s Catholic Church, 1905 Front St., Georgetown
  • Food Lion in Maryville, 2234 S. Fraser St., Georgetown

Make sure there are no unsecured items near the pond in case of flooding or high winds. This means any patio furniture, fishing equipment and small boats should be removed and ponds equipped with a removable weir should be lowered by 12 to 18 inches.

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