Dozens of trees still down as crews work to clean up Charleston

VIDEO: Dozens of trees still down as crews work to clean up Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston Parks’ Department had about 120 workers out cleaning up the city on Friday after Hurricane Dorian left dozens of trees down and thousands without power.

“We have right now 290 reports of tree damage and road closures," said Jason Kronsberg, the Charleston’s director of Parks. “The National Weather Service told us that in the past 27 years this has been the most steady, longest drawn out tropical storm that we’ve had. Dorian moved through the city so slowly, as it did in the Bahamas and Florida, so we saw a lot more tree damage than we anticipated.”

Several trees are still lying on wires from Charlotte Street to Bull Street.

One large tree on Barre Street is still blocking part of the road.

The parks department has been working with the department of transportation, public service, stormwater division and the forestry department to clear as many as they can.

Their speed has impressed Mike Sottak, who saw a tree fall outside his house on Rutledge Avenue.

“The city crew was out here yesterday afternoon as soon as the rain lightened even. It was still raining and they were out clearing the road," Sottak said. "Then, they were out here 8:30 this morning with the backhoe, cleaning things up, and they’re doing a great job. I can’t say enough about the response time the city has had for this.”

Crews will be working through the weekend and into next week clearing all the fallen trees.

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