Georgetown evacuees return home after leaving for Dorian

VIDEO: Georgetown evacuees return home after leaving for Dorian

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Many people along the coast in Georgetown evacuated, and on Friday they were heading back home to scope out the damage.

In downtown Georgetown, businesses were back setting up their sidewalk tables and planters, hauling off sandbags and even moving forward with some renovations that were already scheduled.

“We feel blessed!” said Mayor Brendon Barber."We said our prayers yesterday and blessings came down on the city of Georgetown. We did have flooding in areas where we thought we would have, but dodged a big bullet which was storm surge."

County officials say damage was isolated to the beaches for the most part, and no injuries have been reported.

About 6,000 people were still without power at last check Friday afternoon, with crews actively working on it.

“One of the biggest questions I’m getting today is “When is my power coming back on?'” said Jackie Broach, public information for Georgetown County.”I wish I could tell you. I don’t know when mine is coming back on. The electric companies are doing everything they can but can’t really make a prediction either. But they have teams from all over the country working on it literally around the clock."

While structural damage was minimal, just about everyone has some yard cleanup to do, especially Sandra Johnson who lives off Highway 17 and lost a 90-year-old oak tree in Hurricane Dorian’s strong winds.

“It’s kind of sad to see it go,” Johnson said."But not so sad to see the Hurricane go, and use this experience to learn how to prepare for the next one."

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