Trump tweets at Mark Sanford again after former SC Gov. announces challenge in 2020

Trump tweets at Mark Sanford again after former SC Gov. announces challenge in 2020
President Donald Trump took a jab at former Congressman and governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford in a tweet in which the president touted his approval rating with Republicans.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - One day after former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford announced his candidacy for president in 2020, President Donald Trump made his feelings known about the challenge for his office.

Trump typed out a two-tweet thread early Monday morning just before 7 a.m. to remind his followers of the trip then-Gov. Sanford made to Argentina in 2008 to visit the woman he said he met during a trade conference there.

During Sanford’s trip, his staff first claimed Sanford was away on a hiking trip of the Appalachian trail. Sanford held a news conference at the Statehouse on June 24, 2009, in which he acknowledged being unfaithful to his wife.

Trump’s second tweet also referenced Sanford’s loss to Katie Arrington in the June 2018 Republican primary for the first district congressional seat.

He tweeted about Sanford in a supportive statement for Arrington just before the primary. During a closed-door meeting of Republican house members, Trump also called Sanford a “nasty guy.”

The tweets Monday were the second time in less than two weeks he has come after Sanford on social media, attacking him in August using similar trail references.

Trump also made reference in Monday’s tweet to former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, who both have announced campaigns against Trump for next year’s election.

During a Columbia rally to endorse McMaster for governor in 2018, he took a jab at Sanford’s extramarital affair, but referred erroneously to a different trail.

“The Tallahassee Trail – must be a beautiful place," Trump said. “Unfortunately, he didn’t go there.”

Sanford declared his candidacy Sunday morning on Fox News Sunday.

“Essentially no one ‘leading’ in Washington is leading, or even speaking of, our financial predicament,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “We are living in a government spending and financial la-la land and this movie will not end well for any of us.”

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