Police: 2 cars stolen, 1 broken into on Johns Island, one suspect appears to have gun

VIDEO: Police: 2 cars stolen, 1 broken into on Johns Island, one suspect appears to have gun

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - Two cars were stolen and one was broken into between late Friday night and early Saturday morning on Johns Island, according to three different Charleston Police reports.

Police said the incidents all happened on Dunwick Drive and two of them were caught on camera.

“[The video at one incident shows] what appears to be four young black males entering the yard next door,” the responding officer wrote. “The one male appears to be holding a handgun in his left hand."

Those four people are now all considered suspects, according to authorities.

A 2016 black Chevrolet Suburban and a black 2018 Ford Escape were the two cars reported stolen just a few blocks apart. The keys for both were left somewhere inside the cars, but for one mother, she said, it was an honest mistake she forgot the keys in her purse.

“It was right after the hurricane, and we had no power, no AC. I was home with my four children by myself, so it was hot, and I took them for a ride just to cool them off, and my twins fell asleep," Sarah Kress said. "So, I carried both of them, 30-pound babies inside. And, I left my purse in the car, and it was an honest mistake that I lost a lot because of it.”

The victims told officers inside one of the stolen cars was a Louis Vuitton purse and inside the broken-into car was a pair of $300 headphones. Both are now gone.

“My hope is that we recover the vehicle, just for closure, and all of them are caught and prosecuted," Kress said.

Nora Badr said her car was also broken into, but nothing was taken. Her house’s motion-sensored camera caught the four suspects in her backyard.

“When I called my roommate to check our cameras, I was thinking maybe just one person wandering around, which is still unsettling itself. But four people, is pretty scary," Badr said. "Because, they’re wandering around obviously while your sleeping. So, it’s just more of an unsettling feeling.”

She said she had just come back after leaving for the hurricane, and she wasn’t the only neighbor in shock.

“This neighborhood has a lot of young kids, and we’ve always felt safe," Jacki Shue said. "We’re kind of a close neighborhood, so it’s just scary to think somebody came in from wherever and attacked our neighborhood.”

One of the stolen cars has been recovered. The owner of it says it was found slammed into a tree. The other car is still missing.

“All three vehicles were left unlocked with the keys left in two of them,” Charleston police spokesperson Charles Francis said. “We encourage citizens to lock their vehicles and don’t leave valuable items in plain view.”

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