Former ‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel is sentenced

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 8:37 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Former Southern Charm star and state treasurer Thomas Ravenel was sentenced in Charleston County court Wednesday morning.

Ravenel pleaded guilty to third degree assault and battery. He then received a 30 day sentence suspended to a $500 fine.

Ravenel’s victim was not in court but the judge read a letter from her. Ravenel agreed with the facts of the case.

“Your honor, on the night of the incident I did attempt to kiss her and in so doing I grabbed her arm and that was wrong, and I am much appreciative of the opportunity to apologize to her in court today," Ravenel said in court.

An affidavit states the charge stems from an incident on Jan. 25, 2015, when Ravenel allegedly assaulted a woman who was working for him as a nanny.

A judge said last November that the case was fit for trial and a banner also appeared near the Battery last May slamming Ravenel.

The victim told investigators Ravenel got undressed and put the nanny’s hand on his private parts and then grabbed her private parts. The papers state that the nanny bra’s underwire cut her skin and that she couldn’t breathe because her shirt wrapped around her neck.

Investigators say they have photographs taken of injuries to her neck and chest and say the photographs were “appropriately time-stamped." They also corroborated the incident date and location through employment records of the victim and Ravenel, the affidavit states.

Bravo has said Ravenel will not return to “Southern Charm” as a cast member.

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