Company says lawncare workers putting trash in campaign sign was mistake

VIDEO: Company says lawncare workers putting trash in campaign sign was mistake

NORTH CHARLESTON S.C. (WCSC) - One North Charleston mayoral candidate was surprised to see one of his signs being used to hold trash after a supporter sent him photos Thursday afternoon.

Pastor Thomas Dixon said he first thought the two lawncare workers were intentionally removing his signs seen in photos posted online.

In a statement, the owner of Alex’s Lawncare, Alex Mancha, said he believes the employees were trying to clean up a damaged sign and didn’t realize the implications behind it.

“They just took that as a part of their removal,” Dixon said. “I trust that this was an isolated incident that has no bearing on his character or the character of his company.”

Dixon said he appreciated the lawn company working with him to find out what happened, but it is a reminder to others that purposefully tampering with political signs could result in serious consequences.

According to South Carolina State Law, tampering with, vandalizing or removing political signs could result in a misdemeanor coupled with jail time or fines.

“Not only is it against the law, it’s just a bad thing to do,” Political Science Professor at the College of Charleston, Gibbs Knotts said. “Part of our democratic process is to make sure people know who’s running and people have a right to be able to advocate for their policies, to let you know their name.”

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