Hurricane Dorian debris remains curbside in nearly 200 Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods

VIDEO: Hurricane Dorian debris remains curbside in nearly 200 Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - It’s been more than one week since Hurricane Dorian hit our area and debris pickup is ongoing in many parts of the Lowcountry.

But certain areas are acknowledging that collection is taking longer than normal.

According to Mount Pleasant officials, there is an estimated 90,000 Cubic Yards of debris on the street from Hurricane Dorian. The Town tracks 337 “Neighborhoods” within the Town. Of these neighborhoods, 62 have been completed, 78 are ongoing/planned, and 196 have not been started.

Officials stated they are seeing on social media that residents are starting to get upset that their debris hasn’t been collected yet.

“It is going to take some time to get everything picked up. As more contract crews become available the pace of debris pickup will increase,” the town said in a press release.

Officials say for numerous reasons, it is hard to project exactly when we will get into each neighborhood.

“Our ability to collect debris is based on the number of people we have available on any given day, the amount of equipment that is available,” officials said. “The pace that we collect debris is driven by the volume of debris in each neighborhood, how consolidated the debris piles are, and the traffic and travel time it takes to get from the collection point to the drop site and then back to the collection point.”

If your neighborhood is marked complete but your pile was missed, officials say there are several possibilities:

There was non-vegetative debris mixed into your pile, something was blocking your pile and we couldn’t get to it, the contractors’ trucks are too big to fit in cul-de-sacs, they will be coming back to collect vegetative debris when smaller equipment is available starting early next week, we accidentally missed it.

Officials say if they missed your pile, there will be a second pass across the entire Town once the first pass is completed.

As of Monday, this is the collection update on areas being serviced:

  • Mount Pleasant Waste Management crews have completed vegetative debris collection in Molasses Creek. They will start on Monday in Remleys Point. -
  • Contractors continue to work in Dunes West and will then start in Planters Point and work their way down Hwy 41. -
  • Contractors continue to work in Charleston National and will move into Hamlin Plantation and work their way down Rifle Range Road.
  • Contractors also continue to work in Brickyard. -
  • Contractors continue to work in Snee Farm and will work their way out Longpoint Road. -
  • Contractors continue to work in Sweetgrass and will work their way down Rifle Range Road from the IOP Connector. -
  • A new crew started at Shell Point and is working their way down Rifle Range Road towards Ben Sawyer. -
  • A new crew is hoping to start at the IOP Connector and start working their way up Rifle Range Road.

Charleston County is requesting all storm-related debris to be placed curbside by Sept. 22.

One Mount Pleasant Waste Management truck continues collecting non-vegetative trash. It is not following a specific route, but is working to cover the entire Town as efficiently as possible. All other trucks have been assigned to vegetative debris collection.

Officials say the only storm debris authorized for collection for Hurricane Dorian is vegetative debris. If other items are mixed into vegetative debris piles, the pile may not be collected. Officials advise you to make sure to keep all piles away from ALL utilities so they don’t damage critical infrastructure. Do not block roadways or sidewalks.

They also ask that if you have multiple small piles of vegetative debris, please combine them to increase efficiency in the collection process.

If you’d like to view a map of the town’s progress visit this website.

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