Beaufort Co. detectives believe new technology could help solve cold case murder

Beaufort Co. detectives believe new technology could help solve cold case murder
A composite image of what a suspect may look like now. (Source: Beaufort County Sheriff's Office)

BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Detectives in Beaufort County are looking into the murder of a woman that happened more than 30 years ago.

The sheriff’s office is reopening the case, hoping a new technology could be the key to solving it.

“It’s incumbent on us to use the science available, especially if it’s been proven science," said Maj. Bob Bromage, with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

Margit Schuller was doing laundry at her apartment’s laundromat when a man attacked her. He shot her, then accidentally shot himself when the bullet ricocheted. He ran from the scene, but police were never able to identify him.

“We are going to employ all available resources to further these cases.”

Now, with new technology, officials think they have an advantage. An aged photograph is giving them a clearer picture of the man’s identity.

“They are composites that are very similar to what the person actually looks like, so we employ that technology. It’s available, the victim’s family deserve it, the victim deserves it.”

There’s a reason the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office has not forgotten about this case. The young woman was a member of the community, a wife, and a mother to a young girl.

“Her daughter found her a short time after the murder. She wondered where she was, went to the laundry mat, and found her lying outside in a pool of blood, deceased.”

The tragedy is exactly the reason why Beaufort County is putting these photos out now. They still have hope that the community will be able to help.

WTOC spoke with the victim’s husband after he learned that the sheriff’s office was publishing the photos.

“He contacted me yesterday and told me about this new snapshot DNA things. I talked to him a little bit, and we’ll see, you know, what will come out of this. I don’t know, I’m a little skeptical. I’m not sure that it’s really accurate," Joseph Schuller said.

“We are hoping that someone looks at these composites and says, ‘I think I know who that is,’ and maybe that person lives in the Burton area, and that’s all we need is a name," Bromage said.

The bodily fluids left behind from the man means the sheriffs office has DNA. They say that evidence, with the newly developed photos, could help solve this case.

If you recognize the man in these photos or have any information about this case, please reach out to Maj. Bromage with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office.

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