Citadel officials say changes are coming as some cadets hold hunger strike

VIDEO: Citadel officials say changes are coming as some cadets hold hunger strike

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Officials at The Citadel said a number of changes are coming to improve the campus’ dining facility.

It all comes after social media posts surfaced showing rats and uncooked chicken in the dining hall.

“Anytime that we see a problem like this, that’s not acceptable to the college, because we hold the cadets to very high standards. We ought to hold ourselves to a high standard too," Col. John Dorrian (Ret.), a spokesperson for The Citadel, said. "Right now, the cadets are irritated at us, because we haven’t met their expectations. They are right to be irritated with us, because it’s not good enough yet, and we’re gonna fix that.”

A number of cadets wouldn’t go on camera but did confirm they are striking, one cadet even shouted, “Long live the hunger strike. I could go another 48 hours.”

Officials with the school said some work is already underway.

“We’ve done a lot of remediation work around the edge of the building to make sure that there are not cracks or anything in the foundation that would enable pests to be able to get into the building,” Dorrian said. “We’ve put out a lot of addtional traps and brought in a contractor to review that.”

Another problem that’s been reported is brown water from the fountains, so the school is now working on flushing out the pipes.

“It’s rust in the water. It’s iron oxide,” Dorrian said. “It’s not unsafe, but obviosuly it’s very unappetizing.”

A contractor has also been brought in to oversee Sodexo, the company in charge of food and food preparation in the campus’ dining hall.

Anyone who has issues at the dining hall is asked to e-mail

Sodexo has not responded to a request for comment.

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