Classroom Champions: Bringing Earth Science to Life at West Ashley High

Teacher says real life flooding issues are perfect lesson for her students.
Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 8:07 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Flooding is a major problem for certain parts of the tri-county. And a teacher wants her students to understand how the geographical makeup of this area plays a role in the issue.

From downtown to beach towns, flooded streets and yards are a common sight. And a teacher at West Ashley High wants to seize this opportunity to use a real world issue to teach her students a lesson that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

Deborah Batzer wants to bring Earth Science to life, by giving her ninth grade students the chance to learn about moving water systems.

Her project on the Donors Choose website is a request for stream tables kits. Students will get hands-on experience learning the basics of river structures, and how water moves in and out of streams.

Students will better understand how certain river characteristics cause flooding in the communities where they live in the Tri-County.

The project is off to a good start, but she still needs $548. If you dig Earth Science and related topics, here's your chance to become a Classroom Champion and help fund this project.

If you’d like to support the students at West Ashley High, click here.

Donors Choose collects your donations, purchases the items, and sends them to the teacher, ensuring that your money is used for the purpose intended.

Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., look for a new classroom to support.

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