Charleston Co. looking to approve $154 million in bonds for projects

VIDEO: Charleston Co. looking to approve $154 million in bonds for projects

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - On Thursday, the Charleston County Council will hold a public forum ahead of a possibly approving $154 million in bonds to pay for nearly a dozen county-wide projects.

The money comes from a bond referendum that was approved by voters in 2014.

The funding will not call for an additional tax increase related to the projects, according to Kelsey Barlow, spokesperson for Charleston County.

More than $25 million of the money being requested today will help the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office with projects they say they desperately need.

The plan will includes a new personalized gun and explosives training range since the sheriffs office has historically been renting private ranges.

“With the need to train and qualify all our deputies and many of our detention deputies, a dedicated CCSO range would give use the opportunity to provide more “real-life” high stress training courses, Roger Antonio with CCSO said. “Active shooter situations have unfortunately become all too common place, so we take that sort of training very seriously.”

Funding will also include upgrades to county corrections facilities and building a whole new 32,000-foot juvenile facility with 72 beds.

The county is asking to use $25 million for an existing project building new county libraries.

Another project the council wants to fund is a new recycling center being built on Palmetto Commerce Parkway. The facility was approved in 2013 and originally supposed to open last year, then the opening was delayed till February of this year. But after even more delays, no new opening date has been set for the recycling plant.

According to county documents, the council wants to approve $20 million dollars for that recycling plant.

The public hearing to discuss these projects and more will be at the county public services building at 4045 Bridge View Dr. at 5 p.m.

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