Live 5 Scambusters: Recognizing a car wrap scam

VIDEO: Live 5 Scambusters: Recognizing a car wrap scam

HARLEYVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Companies will pay you to turn your own car into a rolling advertisement, but not every opportunity is real.

Mary Sweatman of Harleyville says her niece sent her an ad for what appeared to be quick and easy money. She could have her car wrapped in the Dr. Pepper logo and get paid $500 a week.

“I went ahead and filled out my name and my address,” Sweatman said.

A day or so later, Mary got a package in the mail with a check for $2,650 and a letter with instructions. Mary was supposed to deposit the entire check in the mail, keep $500 for herself and use the remaining $2,150 to pay the car wrap technician.

Mary got suspicious and so did her husband. He ripped up the check and they never heard back from the representative claiming to work for Dr. Pepper.

Check fraud scams like this cost you the money you deposit and the money you spend. In Mary’s case, the $2,650 fake check would have eventually bounced at her bank. The money would be removed. The $2,150 she gave to the technician would actually be money from her account, money she’d never get back.

“It could’ve messed up our whole account,” Sweatman said. “We have a lot of checks that we pay our bills through the account and none of them would’ve got paid.”

The link Mary first used to sign up for the car wrap job has already changed to a Walmart Secret Shopper opportunity. It shows how fast scam artists can change their game.

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