Sen. Kamala Harris spent time campaigning at a North Charleston church

She joined the worship service at Royal Missionary Baptist Church.

VIDEO: Sen. Kamala Harris spent time campaigning at a North Charleston church

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris took her campaign to church here in the Lowcountry. The California senator worshipped at one of the oldest churches in North Charleston.

Harris spent some time rejuvenating her soul with worshippers at Royal Missionary Baptist church located in the Liberty Hill community.

"If you ever came over to our house complaining about anything, my mother would look at you with a straight face, maybe one hand on the hip, and she would say, "Well what are you gonna do about it?"' So I decided to run for president of the United States."

Polls show she is lagging behind other Democratic hopefuls. But Harris told me, she's staying focused.

"Well first of all, I will tell you I do not ride polls. That is a roller coaster that I am just not getting on. Cause we need to be steady and the reality is that I am a top tier candidate for president of the United States. But of the top four, I'm the one who had the least national exposure before now," Harris said.

"You have one candidate who has run for president more than a couple of times. You have another who ran for president the last cycle and then you have somebody who's been on the national stage and was actually appointed by President Clinton to a position," Harris said.

As for South Carolina, she's touting a message of better pay for teachers.

"Five thousand teachers left the profession last year in South Carolina. So my first proposal as a presidential candidate was and is to close the teacher pay gap with the first in our nation's history federal investment in closing that gap which is approximately $13,500 a year," Harris said.

And just like the biblical account of David and Goliath, she's confident she'll win the battle, despite what polls look like now.

"So, we are still introducing ourselves. But I'm prepared to do the work that is necessary to do that and to put the time in to it and to earn the support. We're in the middle of an election, and that's what this process is about, and the only poll that really matters is on election day," Harris said.

She did not back down from criticism by the Republican National Committee that she last spent time in South Carolina 75 days ago.

“I happen to know that my campaign has probably dedicated the most resources of any Democratic candidate of the United States in South Carolina,” Harris said.

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