Colleton County School District expected to change policy after 4-year-old is dropped off by bus alone

VIDEO: Colleton County School District expected to change policy after 4-year-old is dropped off by

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A Colleton County grandmother says her 4-year-old grandson was put on the wrong bus and dropped off alone.

Now, the school district is hoping to make changes to how they handle transportation.

Karen Jenkins is a bus driver in the Colleton County School District, but she’s also a grandmother to 4-year-old Jacouri Mitchell. Her grandson is a student at Black Street Early Childhood Center who usually takes a shuttle bus.

Students wearing a blue tag on their backpack are shuttled to a different school, where parents or guardians who work for as teachers or staff for the school district, can pick them up.

Normally, Jenkins picks him up from Colleton County Middle School and drops him off at home.

Last Tuesday, Jenkins says she received a call to find out her grandson showed up at his home, unexpectedly.

She says not only was he not dropped off with her, but he also had to walk a quarter of a mile home by himself.

“He actually ended up being on the wrong bus and he ended up being dropped off home,” Jenkins said. “They were unaware of any adult supervision. No one was at the head of the road to get him.”

Jenkins said he was dropped off at the entrance of the apartment complex where he lives with his mother.

She says he ended up knocking on his door and his mother happened to be home, but Jenkins still wonders what could have happened.

“My heart dropped. I was frantic, all kinds of things ran in my mind to figure out how this could possibly happen. This is an apartment complex, anybody could’ve snatched him,” Jenkins said.

The district says they’re making going to change how they handle the transportation from here on out, so this doesn’t happen again. A spokesperson for the district says they’ll be retraining drivers to make sure all the students within pre-k schools are dropped off with a parent.

Also, any bus changes a parent wants to make will have to be submitted in writing.

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