Act of kindness in Kenner goes viral on social media

An unknown young man helps a man who is blind across the street Saturday September 29, 2019...
An unknown young man helps a man who is blind across the street Saturday September 29, 2019 around Noon.(Dana Callahan / Facebook)
Updated: Oct. 1, 2019 at 8:03 PM EDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A hasty picture and quick Facebook post thanking an unknown young man are getting a lot more attention than expected.

A Kenner woman posted a snapshot thanking a Good Samaritan for taking the time to help a blind man across Veterans Boulevard.

Harvey Heagy is well known in his neighborhood.

“I’ve been blind all my life, but I’ve been very independent,” he said.

A former radio DJ, Heagy found a way to get things done.

“I ran my own board. I had to label everything. Brail label the cd’s and tape cartridges and you know whatever we used back then,” he said.

He's retired now, but he still gets around.

“I’ll be 69 years old Thursday, but I try to keep fighting as they say,” said Heagy.

That means he's grateful when assistance is needed.

“I pride myself on my independence, but I also know there are times when we need help and we should accept it graciously. When it comes right down to it everybody needs help some time or another whether you are blind or not.”

So he was happy to accept an offer to cross the many lanes of traffic at Veterans Boulevard at Downs in Metairie.

“Somebody came up to offer help. I didn’t know him, but it sounded like he might have been like in his early to mid-teens. Of course, I accepted Veterans being as crazy as it is. I always take help anytime I can get it.”

Someone else noticed the young man's good deed. Dana Callahan was pumping gas nearby.

"I saw an elderly man who was blind right across the street. I saw the child come up on the bike. He parked his bike and he came up to the man and he assisted him all the way across the intersection.”

Callahan was excited to see such a simple act of kindness.

“When I noticed good, I was proud and so happy to see somebody doing good so ... that’s what the quick post was about. To let him know that what you just did did not go unnoticed,” she said.

A quick thank you on Facebook reached so many more than she expected.

“Thousands of people loved it and have been sharing that story.”

“He left his bike by the bus stop and I asked him. I said please don’t let your bike get stolen. He said no it will be fine,” Heagy said.

Now that the post has so much attention Callahan really hopes it's an inspiration. She said, “Unfortunately people have the tendency to see the bad in everything, but there is definitely a lot good out there and it needs to be noticed more. Of course, a shout out to his parents for being wonderful parents and raising such a fine young man. We just want everybody to know that we're really grateful to him and keep up the good work.”

This all happened Saturday, Sept. 29 around noon. We really don’t know anything more about the identity of the young man, but if you think you know who he might be we’d love to find him.

Also, several people mentioned that Heagy used to have a service dog. He said Sunshine passed away years ago and while he’s open to the idea of getting another dog it is a big responsibility so he’s still thinking on that.

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