MUSC offering Saturday morning sports injury clinics

VIDEO: MUSC offering Saturday morning sports injury clinics

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - With football season in full swing, MUSC doctors are reminding parents and coaches about walk-in clinics they have for sports injuries over the weekend.

There’s a risk for injury in just about any sport.

“Don’t push through the pain, whether it be a head injury, knee injury, ankle injury,” MUSC Dr. Alec DeCastro said.

He and other sports medicine experts at the hospital are well aware there’s not always a specialist on the sidelines, especially in high school sports.

They’ve been helping educate athletic trainers and coaches to encourage parents and students to seek medical advice after an injury.

But after Friday night football, for example, waiting to see a doctor until Monday could be dangerous.

So for the third year, they started hosting Saturday morning injury clinics during the fall.

“We see a wide array of injuries at these clinics,” DeCastro said. “Head injuries are critical thing for young athletes to triage and diagnose concussions in those kids. Things like knee sprains and strains, we’ve seen things like ACL tears there.”

Even ballet barre teachers with chronic pain have come by, he added.

All ages skill levels of athletes are welcome to the clinics.

When it comes to concussion, he said the athlete himself or herself will probably notice something is wrong first. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, and feeling in a fog.

“One of the things I think is important about the injury clinic is that it can save you time and money not having to go to the emergency room. You can get seen right away, get X-rays and imaging right away, and get triaged by a specialist in sports medicine right away” Dr. DeCastro said.

The specialists can then refer the athlete to rehab or physical therapy, or clear them to return to play the next game safely.

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