Lowcountry man gets billed for unpaid 1991 speeding ticket

VIDEO: Lowcountry man gets billed for unpaid 1991 speeding ticket

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A husband and wife were in for quite a surprise when they opened their mail to see a bill for $60 for an unpaid speeding ticket.

What was even more surprising: The ticket was nearly three decades old.

“I’m looking at this, and I’m shocked, and went ‘When the heck did I get a ticket?'" Mark Campbell asked. "8-29-91. And I went ‘What?’ She told me how many years that is between now and then and I went, ‘This is ridiculous.’ I’ve heard of shoddy book keeping before, but damn.”

He wasn’t the only one to receive a letter saying, “You owe Moncks Corner Magisrate a debt.”

One man who lives in Goose Creek said he got one saying he owed $155.

It was for what the county called an unpaid ticket for improper backing. It was also dated 1991.

Both say they planned to pay the fine, even though they don’t know why they’re getting the ticket now.

The county’s traffic court apparently doesn’t know, either. They say they’ve received a number of calls about the problem and don’t know who authorized the release of the letters.

“It’s just a nuisance, and it rubbed my nerves the wrong way," Campbell said. "$60 isn’t gonna break me, but it’s just ridiculous.”

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