Classroom Champions: Kingstree teacher wants interactive math notebooks for students

Loretta Easterling says they will help students in her inclusion class learn mathematical concepts.
Updated: Oct. 16, 2019 at 6:28 PM EDT
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KINGSTREE, S.C. (WCSC) - A teacher in Williamsburg county has a unique challenge. She instructs a math inclusion class, meaning she teaches traditional education students along with those who require special assistance in the same classroom.

She’s done her homework to find tools that will assist all of her students in achieving their best.

In Loretta Easterling’s 8th grade math class, traditional education students and students who need special assistance are learning the third “R.” She teaches at Kingstree Middle Magnet School of the Arts. This unique program is a math inclusion class.

Inclusive education is designed to give all students a sense of belonging and better prepare them for life as adults, sharing the same community.

Easterling is requesting interactive math notebooks on the Donors Choose website. She still needs $320 for her project.

“The interactive student notebook is an organized notebook that allows students to easily locate concepts and practice what is learned in class,” Easterling said.

She wants 23 interactive math notebooks, along with the accessories for her students. Hope you’ll be able to help a teacher in my hometown school district of Williamsburg County and become a Live 5 Classroom Champion.

If you’d like to support the students at Kingstree Middle Magnet School of the Arts, the click here.

Your contributions are tax deductible. Donors Choose collects your donations, purchases the items, and sends them to the teacher, ensuring that your money is used for the purpose intended.

Every Wednesday at 7:30, look for a Lowcountry classroom to support.

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