Magnolia Plantation to host ‘Lights of Magnolia’ beginning in November

VIDEO: 'Lights of Magnolia' event begins Nov. 15

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Chinese Lanterns will glow at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens for the first time in its 343-year history.

“Lights of Magnolia: Reflections of a Cultural Change" begins Nov. 15. Magnolia partnered with the Zigong Lantern Group in China to present the lantern festival, a fusion of historic Chinese cultural symbols and images that represent the flora and fauna of Magnolia, according to Magnolia spokesman Herb Frazier.

It features the work of artisan Hong Jun Deng from China, whose dragon designs for Chinese lantern festivals have been seen around the world. Deng and his assistant, Huakai Wu, are among 26 artisans at Magnolia who are building the lighted dragon displays for the festival, Frazier said.

Zigong’s lantern display is the company’s first partnership at a public garden in the United States.

Before the Chinese artisans arrived at Magnolia last month, Deng was part of a three-person team that met for a week to design Magnolia’s dragon.

Deng said his dragon at Magnolia is the largest he has ever made. The dragon’s tail stretches 200 feet along the entrance to the plantation. Its head towers 45 feet into the trees. Its scales are made of 26,000 porcelain plates, each carefully attached with thread.

The festival will continue through March 15.

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