Parent Survival Guide: Taming the sugar on Halloween

VIDEO: Parent Survival Guide: Taming the sugar on Halloween

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - If parents aren’t careful, Halloween just like many other holidays, can turn into a weeks-long sugar fest for kids.

From candy corn to chocolate bars Halloween can easily be the sweetest night of the year.

To help keep your kids sweet tooth under control, Debbie Petitpain with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says it’s important to have a plan before hand.

“The biggest thing is trying to set some guardrails up and have a little moderation when it comes to the candy test that starts on Halloween night,” Petitpain says. She says also make sure your little goblins have a good hearty meal before they head out to trick-or-treat so they won’t be as tempted to eat too much later.

When it comes to the candy your child collects portion control is key.

“So go out have fun trick or treating get it all all dressed up but then just say hey pick your top 20 pieces you like and get rid of the rest,” Petitpain says.

If your passing out candy think of throwing in a few alternatives that are not sweet as well.

“Think about in addition to giving candy add things they can use like pencils, erasers, pencil toppers, spider rings and bubbles,” Petitpain says.

Another good idea is to Set Up a Halloween candy trade letting your kids turn in most of their candy for other treats like a new toy or money.

“Other kids might be excited to turn in candy if they know its going to deployed troops or first responders," she says. "They can be a part of the joy of giving as well. Halloween is a lot of fun so go out with friends.”

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