Charleston City Council candidate files complaints after voters receive false robocalls

VIDEO: Charleston City Council candidate files complaints after voters receive false robocalls

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A candidate for Charleston City Council says someone is making false robocalls about her campaign.

That's according to an incident report filed with the Charleston Police Department on Sunday.

Robocalls are prerecorded messages sent to phones.

In the report, Marie Delcioppo says the message being spread through phone calls are false and do not mirror the platform she is running her campaign on.

"Shocked is the best way to describe it, not really knowing who's doing this or why," Delcioppo said. "I think it just kind of makes you sit in disbelief."

She says other people who live in District 1 have complained to her about receiving the same robocalls.

The caller says he is from a group called “The Friends of Marie Delcioppo” and claims they are supporting her. In the call the person says that Delcioppo is a commercial real estate developer and once she’s elected, she will work to increase commercial real estate development.

Delcioppo says that is not true and that she's a communications specialist in the real estate field. She also says her platform is centered on managing growth while maintaining Charleston's unique character.

Her campaign says the calls appear to be a violation of federal law.

"This is a crime we are treating it as such so we have filed with the FCC with the DOJ with the City of Charleston with the State Ethics Commission and trust the investigation will reveal who is behind this an what their motivation was," Delcioppo said.

According to the Federal Communications Commission website, prerecorded voice calls are not allowed to cell phones, pagers or other mobile devices without the called party’s prior express consent.

Delcioppo says calls have been going to cell phones.

"My mother, a senior citizen, as well as many of her friends received the call upwards off five, six times as well as many other neighbors here on Daniel Island reached out to me saying they received as least one phone call, most of them it's been multiple," Delcioppo said.

Delcioppo's campaign says they've asked her opponent for the District 1 seat, Angela Black Drake, to deny any responsibility for the call and to state on record that Drake's campaign has no association.

Drake says she denounces the calls about Delcioppo. Drake says robocalls that began two weeks ago attacked her campaign as well.

Drake released the following statement and posted it to Facebook:

“I am as appalled as you are about the recent news of robo calls by “The Friends of Marie”. We have received them as well. I have no knowledge of these calls, am not involved in and do not endorse them. Sadly, these calls began two weeks ago attacking me as we were barraged with robo calls significantly undercutting my REPORTED fundraising efforts and other misinformation. While we explored legal action, we found no matter how incorrect, deceitful or nasty; it is not a “legal matter”. I chose not to make it a publicity stunt. Mudslinging has no place in this campaign. Let us stick to the issue.”

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