U.S. Postal Service announces changes, issues apology following Johns Island residents complaints

U.S. Postal Service announces changes, issues apology following Johns Island residents complaints
Residents in the Stonoview subdivision asked Congressman Joe Cunningham to fix problems which included mail disappearing or winding up in the wrong mail box. (Source: Live 5 News)

JOHNS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - The United States Postal Service has issued an apology and promised changes after Johns Island residents reported problems with their mail.

Several homeowners told Live 5 News they were having issues with packages they ordered. Residents say it got to the point where they had to go on the neighborhood’s Facebook page to see if any of their neighbors had their mail.

Lloyd Malin is one of those residents and said that about a year ago he noticed packages that he was told had been delivered were not.

A public information officer for USPS’ Greater South Carolina District sent an email to Malin and Cunningham apologizing for the problems and laid out a number of changes for the postal office on Johns Island.

“An apology does not take the place of good service,” said Darcus M. Gordon with USPS."We hope Mr. Malin will accept ours on behalf of the USPS in the spirit in which it is given. Every effort will be made to serve the future needs of Mr. Malin and the Johns Island customers in a manner more consistent with their expectations and our service objectives."

The USPS listed out the following efforts to improve their services on the island:

  • A newly appointed postmaster of the Johns Island Post Office along with his staff are working daily to improve service
  • Service team was deployed to the postal office to ensure the delivery of mail and packages to customers. They are reviewing the operation and implementing initiatives to overcome service challenges.
  • Increase staffing on Johns Island is underway. USPS said they are relying on employee support from other neighboring postal facilities until the Johns Island vacancies can be filled
  • Customer service at the post office is under review at this time.

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