Video captures dirt bikers taunting NYPD officer, investigators say

Video captures dirt bikers taunting NYPD officer, investigators say
Investigators say video shows a group of dirt bikers and ATV riders taunt an NYPD officer at a gas station. (Source: WCBS, NYPD Crime Stoppers, @NYSCANNER/Twitter via CNN)

HUNTS POINT, N.Y. (WCBS/CNN) - Video shows dirt bike and ATV riders circling an NYPD officer and his patrol car, appearing to taunt him at a gas station.

According to investigators, this started when police noticed the group riding erratically. When approached, one rider abandoned his bike.

The officer tried to take the bike into possession and that's when police say the group started riding around him, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

At one point, video shows a rider appear to try to grab a yellow bike left by the pump, but runs off as the officer approaches.

In the video, the officer grips onto his stun gun, which police say he did not use.

Eventually, more officers arrive and that's when police say the bikes sped off.

No officers were hurt in the incident, and it doesn't appear any of the bike riders were either.

investigators are asking anyone with information about the bikers to call police.

This isn't the first time cameras captured disrespect toward the NYPD.

On Halloween, a cop car was covered in trash. People could be heard laughing, some even taunting the officers, while they cleared garbage filled boxes and broken eggs off the car.

Over the summer, several times, officers were doused with water.

The height of these incidents came in July, and Commissioner James O'Neill spoke to the public.

"I've been a cop for a long time, disrespecting police officers is not something - it’s never acceptable. It’s never been acceptable,” he said.

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