UPDATE: Burton Fire find home for lost dog

UPDATE: Burton Fire find home for lost dog
The smaller dog "Cue" has found a home just in time for the holidays. (Source: Burton Fire Twitter)

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) -Burton Fire says they have found a home for a friend just in time for the holidays.

They posted pictures on Twitter saying that the dog had been named “Cue”, and that he has found “love and a home for this holiday season.”

Pictures show how the dog looked when he was first found and now.

This pup is warming the hearts of many in Beaufort County.

The Burton Fire District gave an update on his condition after the dog found it’s way to the fire station.

Firefighters say he is “very sick” after taking the dog to the vet.

They say he has an infection and is being treated for fleas and ticks.

They’ll continue to care for the “lost four-legged soul.” This is actually the second time that firefighters have found themselves caring for a dog in need.

The district thanked the community on Facebook for supporting their efforts to get this little guy taken care of.

“We’ll always do everything we can," said Joe Peluso with Burton Fire. Joe gave another dog that wandered up to the fire station a home a while ago. "Unfortunately, we can’t take every single dog, but we’re always here to care for the public, whether it be the pets or the people. Taking care of lives is our first priority always, whether it be on the scene of an emergency, or coming by the station.”

UPDATE! Due to overwhelming inquires, which we are happy to receive, an update on our lost four legged soul. The...

Posted by Burton Fire District on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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