Deputies 'heavily increase’ patrols outside CCSD board chair’s house after threat made

VIDEO: Deputies 'heavily increase’ patrols outside CCSD board chair’s house after threat made

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man reportedly attempted to get into the school board chair’s house.

According to an incident report, the wife of Charleston County School Board chair Rev. Eric Mack, said a man “began to bang on the door [on Saturday] shouting, ‘I know this is the right house. Let me in.’”

She went on to say the man then got back into his truck, and she believes there was another person inside.

In response, a deputy spent a portion of the night outside their house in case the people returned. At the time of the reported incident, Mack was not home. Deputies have since heavily increased patrols there.

The incident happened just two days before the board was set to vote on a number of broad-sweeping changes that could close some schools and merge others. Deputies say they still haven’t determined a link between the two.

“I think he was really shocked that somebody would come to his house and try and break in,” CCSD board vice chair Kate Darby said. “It took me back to think that people have decided that the best way to try to influence or impact a school board vote is to invade people’s personal property or make threatening phone calls. That worries me. I think people have gone too far.”

Darby said that extra security was also brought in to Monday’s contentious board meeting because of the threats made to Mack.

“I can’t imagine how Eric felt. I’m appalled,” CCSD board member Cindy Coats said. “People do come and say that we are bad human beings or the one I heard today, ‘You deserve to be insulted,' they mean what they say. They don’t mean they’d do anything else, but I think it’s a short leap when you put that stuff on social media that somebody else might say, ‘I agree maybe I need to go talk to that person.'"

CCSD board member Kevin Hollinshead was also concerned about the news.

“I don’t agree with happened,” he said. “The public concern over education in Charleston County is so intense over the children’s future, none like I have ever seen before. We have to be careful how we handle people’s most prized possessions.”

Mack did confirm the incident, but said he didn’t want to talk more about it. The district has also declined to comment.

As for the ongoing investigation, deputies say the people involved still have not been identified.

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