GRAPHIC: Man charged after dragging naked woman down road in N. Charleston, police say

GRAPHIC: Man charged after dragging naked woman down road in N. Charleston, police say
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WARNING: The following story includes graphic depictions of alleged domestic abuse.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A man is facing charges after police say he dragged a naked woman down a street in North Charleston on Sunday.

Bernard Christopher Henderson, 36, has been charged with attempted murder and kidnapping.

Sunday morning around 9:45 a.m., officers arrived in the 3200 block of North Atlantic Avenue for a call about a naked woman being dragged down the street.

Police arrived and saw a man later identified as Henderson holding the victim by the top of her head. Officers said in the report she was naked and covered in blood.

More officers arrived and drew their guns, at which point Henderson released the victim, but still had a boxcutter in his hand according to the report. Henderson dropped the box cutter, but was then tased because he wasn’t following the orders of the officers, the report stated.

The victim was taken to MUSC while Henderson declined treatment. She told police in an interview that Saturday night, Henderson was agitated and told her to take her son to another location. She told police she agreed and then they went to buy marijuana to try and help him calm down, according to the report.

When they returned to the apartment, Henderson said someone was trying to kill him and she was involved, the report stated. She said Henderson believed the police were outside and wanted to kill him. He also began looking for cameras in the apartment.

Henderson then blocked the door and wouldn’t let her get outside. When she woke up Sunday, she told police Henderson grabbed a box cutter and began slicing her body and pulling her hair.

The victim then began to fight back and was able to get out the door after moving the fridge, according to the report. She tried to take off down the street, but Henderson caught up with her and began dragging her down the street until police arrived, according to the report.

The woman told police she had previously lived with Henderson for a year, but they weren’t dating anymore. She told police Henderson showed up at her house last week and she couldn’t get him to leave and didn’t know what to do.

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