Bond denied for man accused of making bombs at Colleton County home

VIDEO: Bond denied for man accused of making bombs

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Bond was denied for a Colleton County man accused of making bombs at his home near Cottageville.

Deputies arrested Shuwn Doyle Tuesday night and reported locating explosive devices at his home.

Colleton County deputies arrested Doyle at his home on Carlisle Lane. He was taken into custody after the Charleston County Sheriff’s bomb squad found three handmade explosive devices.

In bond court, an investigator called them “sparkle bombs.”

“Sixteen of those sparkles is the equivalent of a quarter stick of dynamite if you can imagine what a stick of dynamite is,” said Sgt. Ed Marcurella with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office

An arrest warrant states the investigation began when deputies responded to a home on Carlisle Lane for a verbal dispute. While dispatchers were talking to the caller on the phone the caller reported that there was a bomb on the table inside the home.

An arrest warrant states the caller told emergency operators she believed that there were at least six similar devices inside the home. Authorities said when law enforcement arrived on scene the caller handed them a bag containing two explosive devices.

A search warrant was then executed on the home where investigators say a third explosive device was found by the Charleston Bomb Squad.

Doyle’s family members say he was not making bombs.

“All of this came out of proportion with the bomb situation," said Kimberly Goins, Doyle’s aunt. "It was sparkles that he just wrapped up in electric tape and it went out of control.”

The family says it was a phone call made by Doyle’s younger sister to the sheriff’s office that got the attention of deputies.

“Him and his mother were having an argument and she got scared because she thought there was going to be fighting," Goins said."And she went in the room and called 911 and told them there was a bomb in the house.”

Family members were surprised to see such a show of force.

“My sister comes in and said ‘What are you doing? You see all those lights?’ When I come out I was like wow, and then when the bomb truck come out I was like this is crazy. All taxpayer money for nothing.”said Julie Muckelvaney, Doyle’s aunt.

Investigators say the taped together fireworks are the same as bombs and could seriously hurt or kill someone.

Still Doyle’s family is standing by him.

Doyle is currently on probation for third degree burglary.

If he’s convicted on the three new charges, he could face up to fifteen years in prison.

Shuwn Kyle Doyle has been charged after three suspicious devices were found in Colleton County.
Shuwn Kyle Doyle has been charged after three suspicious devices were found in Colleton County. (Source: Colleton County Sheriff's Office)

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