CCSD parents say they need all hands on deck to keep elementary school open

VIDEO: CCSD parents say they need all hands on deck to keep elementary school open

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Parents and community members in the St. Paul’s school district say they’re going to need more community involvement to keep Minnie Hughes Elementary School open.

On Monday, the Charleston County School District board removed a proposal to close the elementary school and move all the students to E.B. Ellington Elementary, from their agenda.

The St. Paul’s Constituent District 23 board of trustees met with people from their district on Wednesday to talk about ways to keep the elementary school open.

"This is one of the few schools we have in our community and for any child to have to travel such a far distance to get what's fundamentally their right to an education is just not what we should be doing for our students," said Marsha Aleen, a community member at the meeting.

They also spoke about issues that are affecting all of their schools.

Many people believe that they need more community engagement and involvement to change their education system.

Some people also spoke about needing better leadership in schools and ways to retain students in the schools they have now.

“The district has proven that leadership is not going to be constant or consistent, so I think we should play an active role in whatever decision is being made,”said Koshon Mitchell who went to schools in the St. Paul’s District.

At their next meeting, the board hopes to work with parents to create a committee with representatives from the district.

Parents say the plan is to have at least two parents from Edisto, Hollywood, Ravenel, and Adams Run on the committee.

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