Berkeley County residents meet with SCDOT to address traffic concerns

VIDEO: Berkeley County residents meet with SCDOT to address traffic concerns

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Berkeley County is booming with growth.

Many people are moving to the area every day, but with that growth, there are more homes, businesses, and new traffic problems.

State Rep. J.A. Moore represents District 15 which consists of areas in Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, Hanahan, and North Charleston.

He held a meeting on Thursday night where residents in the county had a chance to voice their concerns about traffic to officials from the state’s department of transportation.

He said the goal was to first listen to what problems are happening in the area and then officials can figure out what needs to be done next.

“I have four pieces of infrastructure legislation that I’ll be working on and rolling out in the next several days,” Moore said. “We have a lot of things we’re working on but it’s listening to the people and letting that control the agenda first.”

Local and state representatives from DOT gave updates on their 10-year plan which included what they’ve been doing to widen roads, build more sidewalks, and create traffic studies.

Aside from learning new information, people living in the county brought up their own concerns about dangerous intersections and lack of crosswalks.

Lamont Joshua lives in Goose Creek and he says the road in his neighborhood is used as a shortcut, and that alone impacts all the neighbors.

“Everybody is using our road as a cut-through road to try and get easier access to the extension they’re building. So I was here trying to get a stoplight so we can get our way to try and get out of our road instead of having to wait 45 minutes in traffic,” Joshua said.

Residents also had concerns about the limited funding they receive to take care of their roads.

"The department of transportation has been underfunded. We just have not had the resources to do some of the work, and we still have a lack of resources," Moore said.

The community still hopes to work with the department of transportation and local legislators to figure out which projects are a priority.

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